Attorney Jeffery K. Rubenstein Comments on Conrad Murray Trial

KTLALos Angeles criminal defenseattorney, Jeffery K. Rubenstein, has analyzed and commented on the Conrad Murray trial including coverage on KTLA 5.  Mr. Rubesntein who has been following and doing on air commentary believes that the guilty verdict serves the interest of justice but does believe that it sets a potentially dangerous precedent for doctors caring for private clients.

“Although this case was over the top and grossly negligent, this may have a chilling effect on other medical health care professionals representing private clients as they may be reluctant to provide even necessary care outside of a hospital setting and this will not serve the public interest.”

KTLARubenstein believes that Murray’s team will appeal the verdict, but if convicted and sentenced to the maximum of four years, he is likely to serve his time in county jail, under the new California re-alignment rules.  So where normally he would serve half of the time, because of county jail overcrowding, he is likely to serve less than half and may even be eligible for electronic monitoring.

Rubenstein believes that regardless of the sentence, Murray is sure to lose his medical license and thinks everybody should remember that this is a very sad situation for everybody, including Michael Jackson’s family and the public due to the loss of the super star.

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