Domestic Violence (male victims )

We’ve all seen the bumper sticker: “There’s NO excuse for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.” But there is a certain level of compassion necessary to understand and adequately defend both the victim and the abuser.


Victims often face questions about why he or she stayed in the abusive relationship. It is important to understand that oftentimes that decision is based on economic or emotional dependence on their batterer. To leave would force them into poverty and social skepticism.

Domestic violence crosses all social and economic boundaries, but there may be a profile of batterers based on inner psychological struggles. Batterers are usually seeking a sense of control or power over their partners and their own lives. Often, they are abusive because that’s the only way they know how to be close to a partner; either they were a victim of abuse themselves or watched their fathers beat their mothers. Substance abuse also plays a factor in most cases.

Although women are most often the victims of domestic violence, about 5 percent of domestic violence cases include male victims. Additionally, the violence is often reciprocated and there are varying degrees of abuse.

At the Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein we offer a compassionate and understanding defense. Our lawyers are trained in the many levels of personal and legal troubles that accompany a domestic violence charge.

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