Misdemeanor Special Directive

Misdemeanor Case Management On December 7, 2020 a new misdemeanor special directive was sent from LA County District Attorney (DA), George Gascon, to all his deputy DAs. Effective December 8, the policies below supersede the related sections of the Legal Policies Manual Chapter 9. Jeffery K. Rubenstein presents this information and the attached document for […]

New 2021 California Probation Limits

Assembly Bill (AB) 1950 California Governor Gavin Newsome signed AB 1950 into law about new probation limits for 2021. Misdemeanor probation limit is 1 year. Felony Probation 2 years. This was widely support by all branches of government. There are 250,000 people on probation in California now. More than the total number in prisons and […]

Misdemeanor DUIs

‘Tis the Season The Holidays are upon us. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve traditional federal and religious holidays are celebrated by family and friends. Unfortunately, many people get busted for DUIs after leaving parties. Jeffery K. Rubenstein offers good advice about what to do if you get caught in a DUI Sobriety Checkpoint or […]

Electoral College

CONSTITUTION OF THE USA: ARTICLE II, SECTION I, CLAUSES 2 & 3 Constitutional Convention Philadelphia 1787 During the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the Founding Fathers’ biggest issue was, “How to elect the President of the United States?” Their debate raged for months. The most enlightened men wanted a democratically elected president by popular vote. Conservatives […]

Proposition 25 Referendum on Cash Bail

Cash Bail Cash bail is a current legal controversy in California and across the USA. Jeffery K. Rubenstein, many other lawyers and judges are opponents of cash bail. Because it discriminates against people on the bases of race, sex and socioeconomic status. He urges citizens to vote Yes on Prop 25 on the California November […]

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