Facing criminal charges can be frightening for both our clients and their loved ones. We all want the best legal representation possible from and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys to best defend us. With over 50 years of working in criminal defense within Los Angeles County and Southern California, we know the complexities of the criminal justice system to protect your rights throughout the entire process. As criminal defense attorneys you can trust, we have a deep understanding of California’s criminal laws and procedures. We use our expertise to create the best defense for and with you based on your unique set of circumstances. Please contact our Los Angeles County defense attorneys for a free consultation.

Customized Southern California Criminal Defense Strategies

Our dedicated criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles utilize our extensive experience to know what is best for your case from the time of your investigation and arrest for criminal charges, filing motions, exploring alternative dispositions, all the way through to arguing your case in front of a jury. We strategically handle each aspect of your criminal case and handle a wide range of cases, from infractions, misdemeanors, to serious felony charges. Our criminal defense attorneys understand how a criminal conviction, misdemeanor, or felony, can impact your personal and professional life and freedom. Based on our decades of experience, we can anticipate potential issues in your matter and seek to find creative solutions to resolve them.
Our compassionate and understanding team of criminal defense attorneys explain each step of the process in a straightforward manner so you can easily understand the charges against you and how it may impact your future. Our criminal defense firm prides ourselves with having open, clear, and frequent communication about the status of each case from the onset of representation through its conclusion. We realize that there can be significant consequences because of having a criminal conviction, which is why we work tirelessly with our clients to be skilled and zealous advocates so we can obtain the best possible case outcome. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you now.

How Do I Know If the Law Office of Jeffery K. Rubenstein is the Right Criminal Defense Team for My Case?

At the Law Office of Jeffery K. Rubenstein, our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys understand how difficult it is to trust a lawyer to help guide you through your criminal case which could have a life-changing outcome. We make sure that our clients understand in detail the charges against them, all possible defenses, alternative resolutions, and trial strategies. Our clients find that our in-depth experience, character, integrity, and genuine desire to help proves that they have the best criminal defense team handling their case. We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about how our criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles sets ourselves apart and goes above and beyond to best defend you.

Recent Los Angeles and Southern California Case Results

Our criminal attorneys can help you wherever you are facing charges throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Ventura County. If you are under investigation, have been arrested or are facing criminal charges against you, we highly recommend contacting a highly-skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in your time of need.
Below is a list of some of our most recent successes:

  1. “Not Guilty” domestic violence jury trial verdict!
  2. Attempted murder Three Strikes case dismissed!
  3. Case dismissals for several of our clients with successful motions granted for judicial diversion and mental health diversion.
  4. Motion to vacate a plea of no contest granted for a client who lost his legal status to remain in the United States pursuant to DACA.
  5. Federal case resolution of a federal matter with a maximum confinement time of 57 months that resulted in no custody time for our client.
  6. Client charged with a serious and violent felony facing life in prison pursuant to the “Three Strikes Law” where the client did not serve any custody time.
  7. Driving Under the Influence case with .13% Blood Alcohol Content resolved for reckless driving.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Ignorance of the law is not a defense to committing a crime.

Answer: The law does not require law enforcement to have a camera (audio and/or video) recording their investigations and/or arrests. Some police agencies provide audio and/or video recordings to their officers to use them, and if so, this is evidence which can be requested by attorneys to review if a criminal case is filed.

Answer: Unfortunately, it is lawful for police to lie to those they are interviewing during their investigation. This is one of the many reasons why as defense attorneys at the Law Office of Jeffery K. Rubenstein, we strongly recommend that anyone who is a suspect being questioned by law enforcement not provide any statement to police.

Answer: The only time law enforcement must legally advise a person of their “Miranda Rights” is when police want to speak with a person who has been arrested and that individual is in custody. It is not uncommon for a person to be arrested and not questioned by police afterwards. However, if police want to speak with someone who is arrested AND in custody, law enforcement must advise the person of their “Miranda Rights” for any statements made by the person to be legally admissible in court.

Answer: Although it is lawful to purchase marijuana at a licensed marijuana dispensary/store and consume it, people cannot drive under the influence of marijuana. This is the same law as we have with alcohol. A person who is 21 or older may purchase and consume alcohol; however, they cannot drive under the influence of alcohol. There is no specific amount of THC nanograms (the active metabolite in marijuana) that must be in a person’s system for an individual to be considered “under the influence” of this substance. Whether a person is under the influence of marijuana is based on a trained officer in detecting the signs and symptoms of being under the influence.

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