EDD Fraud in the US and California

By Jeffery Rubenstein

Employment Development Department (EDD) Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fraud
Since the onset of the covid19 pandemic, the USA has been hard hit by a cybercrime wave of unprecedented proportions. The Department of Labor Office of the Inspector General (EDD OIG) monitors EDD UI fraud for federal districts and all states. The EDD OIG uses the same guidelines for all states to process EDD UI benefits. They now estimate nationally that 35% of UI benefit applications are fraudulent. That’s 1 out of 3 claims. All states have been under attack by organized crime to collect fraudulent benefits. And most tax payers do not even know it!

EDD Fraud and California California has been hit the hardest by EDD Fraud. On January 25, 2021 the CA EDD released a report. Which said, of the $124 Billion UI benefits paid, $31 Billion were fraudulent claims. Of that $8 Billion was disbursed to inmates of jails and prisons. This is the biggest cybercrime in the state’s history. California Tax Payers’ dollars gone with the wind.

EDD Fraud and Southern California
Southern California is the hottest spot for interstate CA EDD fraud. With a mild climate, natural wonders, entertainment, exclusive shopping, luxury hotels and car rentals it is a lure for people who want free vacations and high end shopping sprees. Compliments of CA’s taxpayers. The EDD aggressively prosecutes EDD Fraud in collaboration with at least 15 state and federal agencies, such as the IRS, CA Franchise Tax Board, FBI and Secret Service. Arrests, convictions and sentences in Southern California EDD UI fraud have been rampant since July 2020.

EDD Fraud and Jeffery K. Rubenstein
Jeffery K. Rubenstein is a criminal defense attorney in Beverly Hills. He is a member of the USA Federal and CA State Bar Associations and a law professor. He has extensive experience defending people accused of cybercrimes, such as EDD Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and identity theft. He is often retained as the lead criminal defense attorney or as member of a team throughout Southern CA. He is also well known to a network of judges and prosecutors throughout Southern California. Judges, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys all respect Jeffery K. Rubenstein for his legal acumen, forensic accounting skills and creative approaches to non cash bail and non custodial alternative sentences. Jeffery K. Rubenstein is now accepting new clients.

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