Jeffery K. Rubenstein

As an LA-native, Jeffery K. Rubenstein attended UCLA where he was on the Dean’s Honor List, and thereafter graduated Loyola Law School before becoming a prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Jeffery opened his own private criminal firm five years later, Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein, in 1998. He has handled a wide range of criminal matters, from DUIs to complex and high profile cases. Additionally, Jeffery has conducted numerous jury trials ranging in severity from misdemeanor matters to murder trials. Jeffery has been a professor of Law and Public Administration at the graduate level and has served as a Judge Pro-Tem.

With over three decades of experience, Attorney Jeffery K. Rubenstein is a true “counselor” and an effective and creative problem-solver who personally handles his clients’ matters. He has been featured on Dateline NBC, CNN, American Justice, Abrams Report, and has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, and People Magazine.

His fierce and unrelenting passion for justice as well as his kind wisdom makes the Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein unique. Jeffery and his dynamic team are always here to help and available to speak with you at your convenience.

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