Now Accepting New Clients for State and Federal Criminal Matters 2022 Case Successes

By Jeffery Rubenstein

After a busy post-Covid season, The Law Office of Jeffery K. Rubenstein successfully resolved many cases in both California State and Federal Court with “not guilty” jury verdicts, case dismissals, and helped our clients remain out of custody.

We are pleased to announce that we are now available to devote our time, knowledge and experience to new clients who have either California state or federal cases. In addition, we are here as skilled and effective consultants on legal issues our clients face in the hopes resolving matters informally and without criminal case filings.

Below is a list of some of our most recent successes:

  1. “Not Guilty” domestic violence jury trial verdict!
  2. Attempted murder Three Strikes case dismissed!
  3. Case dismissals for several of our clients with successful motions granted for judicial diversion and mental health diversion.
  4. Motion to vacate a plea of no contest granted for a client who lost his legal status to remain in the United States pursuant to DACA.
  5. Federal case resolution of a federal matter with a maximum confinement time of 57 months that resulted in no custody time for our client.
  6. Client charged with a serious and violent felony facing life in prison pursuant to the “Three Strikes Law” where the client did not serve any custody time.
  7. Driving Under the Influence case with .13% Blood Alcohol Content resolved for reckless driving.

Please reach out to The Law Office of Jeffery K. Rubenstein should you need assistance; we are here to help.

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