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New 2021 California Probation Limits

Assembly Bill (AB) 1950

California Governor Gavin Newsome signed AB 1950 into law about new probation limits for 2021. Misdemeanor probation limit is 1 year. Felony Probation 2 years. This was widely support by all branches of government. There are 250,000 people on probation in California now. More than the total number in prisons and jails. This is incredibly costly. And for juveniles can mean a revolving door into the prison system (recidivism).

Jeffery K. Rubenstein Backs AB 1950

Jeffery K. Rubenstein backs AB 1950 because he believes in non-custodial sentencing. Especially for juveniles and people with addictions. Judges and prosecutors in Southern California respect him for this. As a matter of fact, he cited AB 1950 and got a client's 5 year probation period reduced yesterday.

Client Wellness

Jeffery K. Rubenstein cares about each client's wellness as well a winning criminal defense strategy. He provides clients a proven network of psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, counselors, mental health and addiction professionals, treatment centers and support groups. He is here to help you through the stressful criminal process. Jeffery K. Rubenstein works hard, smart and compassionate to win your case.

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