Proposition 25 Referendum on Cash Bail

By Jeffery Rubenstein

Cash Bail
Cash bail is a current legal controversy in California and across the USA. Jeffery K. Rubenstein, many other lawyers and judges are opponents of cash bail. Because it discriminates against people on the bases of race, sex and socioeconomic status. He urges citizens to vote Yes on Prop 25 on the California November 3, 2020 Ballot. If passed, this initiative would benefit everyone accused of a crime, regardless of financial status. Instead of cash, bail would be granted or denied after the judge and the prosecutor determine whether someone is a danger to the public or a flight risk and unlikely appear for trial.
Bail Options
Bail may be set in ways other than cash.
Surety bond, where a 3rd party guarantees to pay your bail or forfeit assets.
Release On your Own Recognizance (ROR).
Citation release AKA Cite Out (typical of most traffic tickets except DUIs).
Property bond.
Immigration bond.
Additionally, the court can order home detention, electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol testing, counseling, passport confiscation, surrendering all firearms and more.
Note: This referendum was not voted into law. Numerous criminal defense attorneys, judges, prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies across the USA are still advocating removal of cash bail.

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