Community Sentence

Non-Custodial Sentence

Jeffery K. Rubenstein is well known and respected by Federal and California prosecutors and judges for his creative approaches to alternative sentencing. Also known as “Community Sentencing.” There are many ways courts can punish you if you are convicted, other than serving jail or prison time. An alternative sentence can benefit you, your family, your community and society. You may be able to go back to a normal life. Return to your home, go back to work, minimize the social costs of imprisonment and reduce your risk of recidivism. The latter is the “revolving door” syndrome that leads people to become a career criminals. Juveniles are particularly at risk.

Your Advocate

Jeffery K. Rubenstein is a strong advocate of alternative sentencing. Especially for addiction and mental health cases. He is a community activist who supports diversion programs for juveniles to prevent recidivism. Alternative sentencing terms that he can skillfully negotiate include these and more.

– Unpaid work AKA “Community Service.”
– House arrest.
– Curfew.
– Electronic monitoring.
– Back to work initiatives.
– Apology to the victim.
– Psychiatric and psychological help.
– Mandatory treatments and programs for drug or alcohol addiction.
– Specific court orders and injunctions not to drink alcohol, use drugs, go to certain places or meet specific people.
– Regular reporting to your probation or parole officer.
– Suspended Sentence: breaking the law during your sentence term leads to jail or prison.

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