“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

JKRLAW Offices Bail Dispatch Open 24/7

The Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein in Southern California have a Bail Dispatch 24 hours/day 7 days/week. This is crucial if you are in jail and await bail. In person confidential consultations are by appointment only weekdays 9AM-5PM. This is to ensure your privacy, protect your identity and maintain confidentiality.

Expert Bail Negotiator

Jeffery K. Rubenstein knows the law, your rights and how to establish bail and affect custody status. He easily negotiates favorable conditions for your pretrial release in lieu of bail. He applies the same legal acumen and skills to negotiate alternative sentencing if you are convicted.

Bail Hearing Outcomes

These are the potential outcomes of your Bail Hearing.
– Release On your Own Recognizance (ROR) without bail.
– Bail with terms and conditions.
– Remand to Custody, which means you are considered a flight risk, bail is denied and you remain in jail until trial.

Bail Options
Bail may be set in many ways.
– Cash bail.
– Surety bond, where a 3rd party guarantees to pay your bail or forfeit assets.
– Bail bond.
– Release On your Own Recognizance (ROR).
– Unsecured.
– Bail percentage.
– Citation release AKA Cite Out (typical of most traffic tickets except DUIs).
– Property bond.
– Immigration bond.

Additionally, the court can order home detention, electronic monitoring, drug testing, alcohol counseling, confiscating your passport and surrendering all firearms and more.

Federal and California State Bail Expert

Jeffery K. Rubenstein is well known and respected by judges and prosecutors for his creative approaches to bail negotiation. He is an opponent of cash bail, because it discriminates against people on the bases of race, sex and socioeconomic status. He knows the strict standards and procedures judicial officers must deploy to order your release or detention pending trial, sentence and appeal.

Federal and California State Trial Courts Judicial Restrictions

Bail is money or pledge of property to the court, which may be refunded if you appear for trial. The 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits national and state judiciary from imposing harsh penalties on you as a criminal defendant. Excessive bail amounts cannot be imposed as the price of your pretrial release or as punishment if you are convicted of a crime.

Bail Dispatch 24/7 Expert bail negotiator Personal representation at all court appearances.

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