JKR Law's Expert Team

Fight Fire with Fire:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein has decades of experience with prosecutors who use expert witnesses to testify against you in your pretrial hearings and trial. He combats your accusers with a team of his own expert witnesses. They can legally, professionally and effectively testify on your behalf. Freedom is priceless.

Private Investigators:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein has a topnotch team of private investigators. They track down evidence, information and witnesses to testify on your behalf. They also look for exculpatory evidence to prove someone else committed the crime. And sometimes identify the perpetrator to law enforcement for arrest.

Legal Research:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein has law clerks who research case law and precedents related to your criminal case. Remember, you need to heed your Miranda Warning! When questioned by law enforcement say, “I want to call my lawyer.” Then call the Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein’s 24/7 Bail Dispatch: (310) 477-2100

Evidence Experts:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein has a network of experts in various scientific fields. He contacts them when their knowledge has specific bearing on the evidence in your case. Ballistics. Trace evidence. Blood tests. DNA. Fingerprints. The list is long.

Psychiatric Evaluation:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein may request that you have a psychiatric evaluation before hearings our trial. Or the court may do so. The doctors he recommends are licensed to testify in your pretrial hearings and trial. They can address your state of mind/body wellness at the time of the alleged crime(s).

Your Wellness:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein knows the criminal justice process can have catastrophic consequences for you, your family, your career, your finances and your reputation. He can to refer you to a proven network of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, counselors, mental health and addiction specialists, treatment centers and support groups. Hope makes anything possible.

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