Arrest, bail, arraignment, pretrial hearings, trial, and sentencing.

1) Arrest
If you are arrested in California, you are required to provide your name, address and ID. And, in cases involving a vehicle, your registration. Then you need to heed your Miranda Warning. The only other remark you should make to law enforcement is, “I want to call my lawyer.” Then call the Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein. His Bail Hotline Dispatch is open 24/7.

2) Bail
Bail is money or pledge of property to the court, which may be refunded if you appear for trial. There are 3 potential outcomes of your bail hearing.
– Released on your Own Recognizance (ROR).
– Bail.
– Bail Denied.
In the latter case you remain in custody through trial and sentencing. To get and stay out of jail, you need Jeffery K. Rubenstein as your criminal defense lawyer.

3) Arraignment
This is a court appearance where the prosecution presents evidence of your crime and the judge determines whether there is probable cause to charge you. If so, you must plead.
– Not Guilty.
– Guilty.
– Nolo contendere (No contest).
Jeffery K. Rubenstein explains ahead of time how you should plead and how it fits into your defense strategy.

4) Pretrial Hearings
Jeffery K. Rubenstein prepares you for pretrial hearings via tactics that can best serve your defense strategic plan. During pretrial hearings, the judge considers matters from the defense and the prosecutor, then makes a ruling.

5) Trial
There are two types of criminal trials:
– Trial by Judge
– Trial by Jury with a panel of 12 jurors
Jeffery K. Rubenstein has established rapport with a network of judges throughout Southern California. He selects the best type of trial based on his strategic plan to defend and win your criminal case.

6) Sentencing
Your sentence can be the maximum set by law and may include jail or prison terms. Jeffery K. Rubenstein is well known and respected by prosecutors and judges for his creative approaches to non-custodial alternative sentencing.

Freedom is priceless.

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