Trial by Jury vs. Trial by Judge

Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer in the USA:
Jeffery K. Rubenstein ranks in the top 100 trial lawyers in the USA. He’s a great choice is you want to get bail and stay out of jail. There are two types of trials: Trial by Jury and Trial by Judge (AKA Bench Trial).

Trial by Jury:
A trial by Jury involves a panel of 12 jurors. They listen to all evidence, your testimony, witnesses’ testimony, the prosecutor, the criminal defense attorney and the judge’s instructions. Based on all this information the jury decides whether or not to convict and what the sentence is.

Trial by Judge:
In a trial by judge, there is no jury. The judge listens to all pretrial motions, evidence, testimony an other information. Then the judge decides whether to convict you or not. And he or she rules on your sentence as well. Jeffery K. Rubenstein has established rapport with a network of judges throughout Southern California. He selects the best type of trial based on his strategic plan to defend and win your criminal case.

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