The Law Office of Jeffery K. Rubenstein provides high quality legal representation as well as prompt and thorough client communication. We have practiced this business model for decades with much success with clients who are very pleased with our results. To read more about attorneys Jeffery K. Rubenstein and Susan M. Haber, visit their AVVO pages.


Excellent Attorney & Nice Human Being
In every interaction I have ever had with Susan she has been kind, patient, professional, helpful, responsive, fair, and she’s truly excellent at her job! It has been a true pleasure working with Susan and I can’t recommend her more highly! (Posted on Avvo April 29, 2021 by Tony)

Susan is a pro

My situation was very serious. I can confidently say that if it weren’t for Susan, I would likely not have access to this computer to write this review. But because I hired Susan, she put me in a position to continue my life without any extra hassle, and I slept better at night knowing that she was defending me. Susan doesn’t sell you on what cannot be delivered like the majority of the lawyers out there. She is honest and upfront but also very empathetic and understanding. Most importantly, Susan will not stop until she can negotiate the best deal for her clients. (Posted on Avvo, May 6, 2021)

Susan Haber helped me out tremendously with my case

I am very grateful to have Susan to represent me she fought for me and advocated for me and made me feel safe and relieved me from any stress and anxiety Susan is gifted at what she does and is an expert in her representation thank you for your service Susan! (Posted on Avvo, May 8, 2021)

Best Attorney gets you best results!

Mrs. Haber is an absolutely one of the kind attorney !!! She did such an amazing job to protect me and my future. She was always available and supportive to the end of the process. She got the absolute unheard of results that I could not even dream of!!! Her professionalism is outstanding. Now, I can tell that there is at least one attorney who truthfully loves her clients and care for them. I highly recommend Susan Haber! (Posted on Avvo, May 19, 2021)


A top notch criminal defense attorney
Recently, a family member found himself facing possible misdemeanor or felony charges resulting from a self-defense incident. We were extremely concerned and finally hired Susan Haber at the recommendation of a top notch civil attorney familiar with her. That was the best decision we made and we never looked back. Susan has many years of experience as a defense attorney and has spent many years working in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. I can’t emphasize the degree of confidence Susan and her team gave us. She listened patiently to our fears and concerns and always promptly returned our calls and emails. Susan gave us an incredible amount of confidence and did not disappoint. Susan is a no nonsense straight shooter who knows the intricacies of assault and criminal law. Based on the facts of the case, she advocated a soft defense that would not result in self-incrimination. Despite our fears and doubts, she turned out to be 100% correct. We were way too emotional to make rational decisions and she was able to explain to us the best possible strategy with incredible conviction. Susan conducted an outstanding defense and after 3 months, she was able to secure the only outcome we were looking for: dismissal of the case! We wholeheartedly recommend Susan and her team to anyone needing the best possible criminal defense. We are grateful to Susan and her team. Susan Haber is the only criminal defense attorney you need to call. (Posted on Avvo, March 26, 2022 by C.L.)


Professional and reliable!
Truly satisfied with her amazing work. Susan always maintained a level of transparency that allowed my anxieties to remain under control. Trustworthy individual looking out for the best of her clients. (Posted on Avvo, July 15, 2022 by R.E.)

Laugano B.

Jeffrey is a very dedicated and passionate attorney, his loyalty does serve not only serve your legal needs, but your human needs as well. (Posted on Yelp on June 6, 2018 by Laugano B.)

Joe P.

Jeff is the man!! He helped my good friend that was in a bind and was quick to return the call and help us navigate what was going on in court. The fact that he was an ex DA helped us so much because the judge was in the DAs office with him. (Posted on Yelp on January 19, 2022 by Joe P.)

Richard O.

I just can’t say enough about this Law Firm amazing amazing. They got back with me promptly every time. Jeff was extremely helpful understanding all aspects of my case. I’m not really used to handling legal matters, but I was glad I had them to handle my matter professionally. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah!!! (Posted on Yelp on June 27, 2022 by Richard O.)

Rey E.

Professional and reliable! Truly satisfied with their amazing work. Susan and Jeff always maintained a level of transparency that allowed my anxieties to remain under control. Trustworthy individuals looking out for the best of their clients. (Posted on Yelp on July 1, 2022 by Rey E.)

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